Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello, it's me!

Happy Sunday to ya!

I've been horrible with blogging lately. With the new kitty and work and stuff goin' on... I just haven't had the time. Or, MADE the time I guess. But I'm back. With lots of pictures to share!

Le Le is getting so big. I've had her over two weeks and she's grown so much! What a pleasure it is, to have a cat in the house again! I lost my last cat about 10 months ago after a 19 year relationship. It was so difficult and I was sure I would never do it again, for fear of the attachment and the eventual loss... but this little sweetie has proven me wrong! I just love her! She'll be going for her shots this week. :-)

As for work, I have some new dollies to share...

They are all currently on eBay and you can find them HERE!

I'll be visiting dad for a bit today. Other than that, a nice roasted chicken w/ stuffing and gravy is on the menu for dinner. Mmmm. You can't beat the smell coming from the oven!

It's cooled down a bit here. Hopefully, we'll be seeing the last of that horrendous heat! I'm ready for Fall now. For the crisp air, pumpkins and colorful leaves!

Have a restful Sunday! I promise not to take too long in between postings next time!

Blessings to all of you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

90° with Scarecrows 'n Pumpkins? You Betcha!

Hello everyone! I've been bad w/ the blogging lately..... So sorry I haven't been in touch! I've been working on some new Autumn primitives and have been quite busy! Here's an olde guy that is up for adoption on eBay... CLICK HERE to give him a visit! I'm also very much enjoying my new kitten, "LeLe"... she is a wonderful addition to my family. She's so energetic and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! She really brings me joy! I'm so happy I took her in! So.... other than that, nothing much to report. The garden is so overgrown because of the heat... I just can't muster up the energy to go out and cut, prune and trim. At this point, I'm quite looking forward to the crisp Fall temps! I will be in touch to post some photos of "LeLe" real soon. Time to go make dinner.... We're having Italian sausage and spaghetti tonight.. Oh, and let's not forget that wonderful garlic bread too! :-) Until then friends, Blessings, ~W

Saturday, July 31, 2010

My New Friend, Leah!

Hello friends! Wow, it's been a busy week! I wanted to share some photos of my new baby, Leah... or "Le Le"...

We took her in two days ago and she's brought such joy already! I think she's about 12 wks. old. Her markings are gorgeous and she's such a playful, loving little kitten...

I had two cats that recently passed away. I have always been a cat-lover and knew I couldn't live without a furry little creature roaming my house for too long. So....... I took a leap and took her in. After losing my two cats of 14 yrs. and 19 yrs. the emotional attachment I had was so deep that I swore I'd never take in another for fearing losing it once again. But I'm so glad I did.

She attacks my feet under the covers in the morning with a great, big pounce and wakes me to her little purr and I'm in heaven! She'll snuggle up around my neck when she's tired and rub her teensy little face against mine and I absolutely LOVE it!

Here she is...

What a sweetie, huh?

Other than my new addition, I've been working on some new Raggedies... You can find them HERE on eBay!

I hope you enjoy your weekend! It's nice 'n cool here today... thank goodness that oppressive humidity is gone for now at least!


Monday, July 26, 2010

New Raggedies Needin' A Home!~Sneak Peek at New Giveaway!

Hi friends! A much cooler day today than what we've had in the past few days..... Temps are in the low 80°'s and it's comfy for a change. I don't need my knife to cut through the humidity when I walk out the door!

I hope all of you enjoyed the weekend. Saturday was such a hot day that I stayed in for most of it and crafted.

Sunday was a family day. I went to my cousin's graduation party in New Jersey and ate myself silly, as usual. :)

For now, I have two new Annies that I'd like to share w/ you! This sweet gal will be ending in a few days. She's a little cupboard doll measuring about 12". She's vintage, from her buttons to her outfit and is darling.

The next doll is a round-headed doll... she measures about 17" and is on eBay for a few more. You can visit them both by clicking on my eBay link on my home page. :)

So, for now, back to crafting. I'm working on a new giveaway that I promise I'll have finished this week. It's a Halloween primitive and I'm hoping you will enjoy it! Here's a little "sneak peek!".

Have a wonderful day wherever you are.....I will be in touch soon!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stashing Fabrics in Case of FABRIC Emergency!!!!

Hey friends! I'm stocking up on my fabric stash in case my Walmart decides to do away with their craft department.

One of my Walmarts already did. This one left is the only one near me. I will be so upset if they decide to do away with it.

I asked the fabric lady today if they had plans on doing away with crafts/fabric and she said she was still getting loads of fabrics in and she had no where to put them. So, hopefully, she's right and they'll keep it up. She did say they were trying to make this Walmart a Super Center with more food. I think a lot of the Walmarts are doing that and doing away with things they THINK we can do without. They have no idea how many crafters count on their fabrics! I refuse to shop at JoAnn's for fabrics until I'm forced to. I got the above fabrics for $1.50 yd. JoAnn's fabrics are about $8-$9 yd. I am NOT paying those kind of prices.

So..........with new fabrics comes new inspiration! I've completed another 17" Raggedy which will be on eBay later on tonight. She's a cutie pie! The doll hair I use is from CLOTH DOLL HAIR SUPPLIER... I highly recommend Susan's products! Her link is at the bottom of my homepage if you are interested!

Have a terrific night! I will be in touch soon!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Dolly on eBay... Son back home from vacation!.. Tomato Sandwiches!! YES!

Hi friends!

I hope your week is going well so far. It has cooled down a little bit here in Philadelphia... only in the mid-80's right now. It's a bit of a relief. It's so hard to do anything when it's 100°. I lose my energy and inspiration.

My son went on a trip last Friday to Maine. To Cape Elizabeth. Wow, what a beautiful area. The pictures are just lovely. The beaches look a bit rocky though. Not like the beaches here in the New Jersey area.

He saw a lot of beautiful wildlife, ate a lot of seafood and had a great time. And although he's 18, I missed him like crazy! He called a couple of times a day to say hi and missed me too. I am so lucky to have the bond we share. I am truly blessed and couldn't ask for more. So anyway, he arrived home last night.

I have been working on Raggedies... Cleaning my craft room was such a wonderful idea. I organized, re-arranged and got everything in order and now, I am so inspired. There was a short period of time where no ideas were forthcoming. If you are having problems like that, I highly recommend a good clean-out and fresh start. It worked wonders!

So here is my latest little baby. She's 15" and has a round head. Isn't she sweet? The apron on this doll is from an antique clothespin bag... when I tell you it shreds like paper from dry rot, it does! LOL I tore it to make a rough hem and poof! Some dust flew about and a baby could have ripped it! But I love using authentic materials. Afterall, I'm not making new dolls, I'm making reproductions of primitive dolls, right? :)

She'll be on eBay tonight, starting at .99¢ if you want to give her a visit. There are three other Annies on eBay as well! My eBay link is on the right side of my homepage!

I'm going to bid you goodnight now. My eyes are sleepy and I've had enough for the day. Time to shut down. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week my friends!

Oh, by the way, I had my first tomato sandwich today.........WOW! THAT'S what I wait for all year long. Is there anything better?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Results of the Poll and New Dollies Needing a Home!

Good Morning! It's a humid, warm Sunday morning here in Philadelphia..... A good day to stay in and craft!
I did stock up on my craft supplies... Somehow it gives me inspiration like crazy!

The dolly on the left was just completed.. she'll be on eBay tonight. She is a big ole doll dressed in vintage clothing with a mop-head full o' hair!

On another note, the poll has closed for your favorite Fall decor. Seems the pumpkins win, with the witches coming in second.

Thanks everyone for voting!

I hope you enjoy this Summer Sunday... I plan to craft a bit and get some food in the house. Don't know what I'll make for dinner... I guess it'll come to me when I get to the market!

Love to all of you and thank you for visiting my little prim world!

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