Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stashing Fabrics in Case of FABRIC Emergency!!!!

Hey friends! I'm stocking up on my fabric stash in case my Walmart decides to do away with their craft department.

One of my Walmarts already did. This one left is the only one near me. I will be so upset if they decide to do away with it.

I asked the fabric lady today if they had plans on doing away with crafts/fabric and she said she was still getting loads of fabrics in and she had no where to put them. So, hopefully, she's right and they'll keep it up. She did say they were trying to make this Walmart a Super Center with more food. I think a lot of the Walmarts are doing that and doing away with things they THINK we can do without. They have no idea how many crafters count on their fabrics! I refuse to shop at JoAnn's for fabrics until I'm forced to. I got the above fabrics for $1.50 yd. JoAnn's fabrics are about $8-$9 yd. I am NOT paying those kind of prices.

So..........with new fabrics comes new inspiration! I've completed another 17" Raggedy which will be on eBay later on tonight. She's a cutie pie! The doll hair I use is from CLOTH DOLL HAIR SUPPLIER... I highly recommend Susan's products! Her link is at the bottom of my homepage if you are interested!

Have a terrific night! I will be in touch soon!



  1. You have the most amazing dolls I love everyone of them, I love the fabric used on this Raggedy.

    Have a beautiful day Lisa

  2. Your dolls are wonderful. I cannot believe that fabric is from Walmart, it is beautiful, I did not know they had fabric like that. We only have 1 Walmart here that still sells sewing supplies and it is a little far from me. I love what you found!!

  3. My local Walmart still carries fabric. It would be horrible if they stopped. I think I would boycot the store. It's bad enought that they stopped selling the morning glory stuffing. I hate that slippery fairfield stuff.

  4. Wendy, You sure did find some great fabric!! Our Walmart got rid of their fabric about 3 years ago. Can't beleive that yours still has some. And your doll, is cute as can be!


  5. Our WalMart no longer carries fabric and very few sewing supplies. It really ticks me off. I used to be able to get quilt batting, embroidery floss, stencils, patterns.....Now-nothing. I am searching for a WalMart that does carry fabric. I'm with you. I refuse to pay the higher prices!
    ★ Linda ★

  6. The lady in the fabric dept. of our store
    says they are going to do away with ours
    in July of next year.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. If I were you, I would buy all the fabric that I could because Wal-Mart will stop selling it. They told us the same thing, that they had plenty of fabric and with in two weeks it was gone and they took our craft dept.and turned it into a party supply dept. I went to other local Wal-Marts and they too had changed. Our Wal-Mart is the largest super center in NC. I now look for fabrics at yard sales, etc. because I will not pay $8.99 a yard.Hope you get more before it's too late. Janice

  8. Wendy, your doll is adorable! Our Joann's has a lot of fabric, but non of it coordinates. So I don't usually buy there. I get a lot of mine from a quilt shop about 40 miles from my house. It's not close, but they have the most amazing fabric at reduced prices. I usually go twice a year and spend hours in there just drooling!!!

  9. Our walmart still has some fabrics, but not as much as they used to.
    I have enough stores within driving distance, so I am safe for now;)


  10. That doll is super cute! You are so talented!

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  12. Ok Josh, I'll definitely take a look! Thanks for asking!

  13. I agree with you on JoAnn's fabric prices. Wow, it's crazy! I even used my 50% off coupon thinking I would get a good deal... NOT! I can go to Hobby Lobby and buy the exact same fabric, use my 40% off coupon and get it at a third of the sale price of JoAnn's. I'm done there too, girl.

    Your Raggedy is cute, cute, cute!!


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