Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Dolly on eBay... Son back home from vacation!.. Tomato Sandwiches!! YES!

Hi friends!

I hope your week is going well so far. It has cooled down a little bit here in Philadelphia... only in the mid-80's right now. It's a bit of a relief. It's so hard to do anything when it's 100°. I lose my energy and inspiration.

My son went on a trip last Friday to Maine. To Cape Elizabeth. Wow, what a beautiful area. The pictures are just lovely. The beaches look a bit rocky though. Not like the beaches here in the New Jersey area.

He saw a lot of beautiful wildlife, ate a lot of seafood and had a great time. And although he's 18, I missed him like crazy! He called a couple of times a day to say hi and missed me too. I am so lucky to have the bond we share. I am truly blessed and couldn't ask for more. So anyway, he arrived home last night.

I have been working on Raggedies... Cleaning my craft room was such a wonderful idea. I organized, re-arranged and got everything in order and now, I am so inspired. There was a short period of time where no ideas were forthcoming. If you are having problems like that, I highly recommend a good clean-out and fresh start. It worked wonders!

So here is my latest little baby. She's 15" and has a round head. Isn't she sweet? The apron on this doll is from an antique clothespin bag... when I tell you it shreds like paper from dry rot, it does! LOL I tore it to make a rough hem and poof! Some dust flew about and a baby could have ripped it! But I love using authentic materials. Afterall, I'm not making new dolls, I'm making reproductions of primitive dolls, right? :)

She'll be on eBay tonight, starting at .99¢ if you want to give her a visit. There are three other Annies on eBay as well! My eBay link is on the right side of my homepage!

I'm going to bid you goodnight now. My eyes are sleepy and I've had enough for the day. Time to shut down. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week my friends!

Oh, by the way, I had my first tomato sandwich today.........WOW! THAT'S what I wait for all year long. Is there anything better?



  1. Still waitin here for them maters to ripen. Can't wait for that first sandwich. Have a great week...opps! Forgot to tell ya... another fine dollie!


  2. Wendy,
    I had my first Garden tomato tonight on a chicken salad samie. Yum! They are worth the wait!
    I live in South Jersey. We've been sharing the horrible heat right along with you. I love the Jersey shore too! I recently spent 2 weeks in Avalon.
    BTW, Your Annie is adorable like all your dolls.

  3. luv the new annie sooo cute wendy.i was checkin out my matos today too.too small yet to even make me a decent fried green one,soon though.then i will have some mato sandwiches too.my mom got me hooked on those when i was little now my girls are lovin them too.so cool huh.have a great one and blessings michelle

  4. it's funny but that first tomato sandwich is so important to everyone--nationwide! Here in the midwest, we have been eating them for about 3 weeks and nearly every day. I love tomatoes on toast. yum!
    love your dolly.
    hope you are sending me your address so I can send you a pin keep!

  5. Once again you have created an adorable raggedy. Always look forward to what you will do next.

  6. Love this one too, you age them so perfectly.


  7. Wendy, your doll is perfectly prim! I love working with vintage materials. I've picked 3 tomatoes so far and a couple more are about ready. Nothing like homegrown maters from your own garden!


  8. cute annie! we had friend green tomatoes yesterday...yummy...added my fresh shredded basil on top then sprinkled with mozz cheese! Delic!

  9. I see that I also share a love of tomatoes alongside a love of all things prim with so many! :-)

    Thanks for all of the compliments on the Annie!!

    Linda I've sent my address! Thanks sooo much, the pinkeep is adorable!

  10. Just love your new raggedy! So glad your son is safely home from his trio and that he had a great time. I love tomato and avocado sandwiches! YUM!

    Have a great day!


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