Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Interested In Swapping Prims?

Good Morning! I'm so excited to be part of my first prim swap! I made these "crock crows" (my own design)for Becky Sedore in return for one of her lovely gameboards! I can't wait to receive it Becky! If you are interested in doing a swap with me, feel free to contact me! It's a fun way to collect different styles of primitives from others! Have a great day everyone! ~W


  1. Hi Wendy, I would love to do a swap with you... I also make primitives...

  2. I am in too Wendy when you get time just let me know! Maybe I can get one of your bears after all. LOL

  3. I am always up for swapping...Just let me know.:)
    Gina ;)

  4. Hi Wendy.. I would swap with you in a Minute!! But Frankly ... I am not that confident in my crafts after seeing your beautiful things!!! I actually have a swap blog of my own that I started... And we're trying for a June swap,if you are;nt afraid you might get me ...and theres nothing saying you will mind you. LOL!! Please feel free to come join. The link is over on my Blog. We'd love to have you there are 34 of us right now. Was wanting to start it last month but people wanted to wait til June. So I am in the hopes of setting one up shortly. Blessings... Donna

  5. Ooo, thanks everyone for responding! I'd love to swap with all of you! Brandi, of course I can make you a bear! I love the piece you did with the heart and two birds on top!
    Donna, please. I'm sure I'd love whatever you made!! I'll check out the blog!
    Gina, Pumpkin Spice... I will be in touch!! Anything you see you like, let me know!

  6. I would love to swap with you, I have admired your goodies for a long time, the only thing is I don't craft. I could buy you something prim. I am going to Lancaster, Pa. tomorrow for 2 days. Let me know what you like, candles,reed diffusers, tart warmer candles, table runners, signs, primitive plates, aprons etc. and I will see what I can do. That is if you are interested. I also have some new mini garden flags in pks. and new gooseberry patch cookbooks. Let me know? Hugs, and keep making those prims!!!!! I love your talent!!!!!


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