Monday, May 24, 2010

My Rare, Feathered Visitor!

Okay, so you probably know I live in Philadelphia (PA).

And what comes with living in Philadelphia is "city birds" Like Pigeons, Sparrows and Starlings. Some call them nuisance birds.

But for some reason this season, I have had feathered visitors I have never had before. BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL, SINGING ONES!

I woke the other day to see an actual Warbler. I had heard his call in the evergreen in the front of my house and couldn't locate him; until one morning, looking out at my little pond I see an unfamiliar bird splashing around and flitting about. I went to my birding guide and saw it was this sweet li'l bird... the Warbler.

I have had Chickadees lately, lots of Cardinals, a Towhee or two, a family of Cat Birds, but NEVER a Warbler. I'd say they are pretty rare in city livin'. I'm hoping that with the kind of garden I am raising with shelter, food, water... that I am providing a safe haven for all kinds of different species!

I already have a warren full of rabbits. Yes, they chew on my fresh vegetation, but how can you be angry at a cute li'l bunny? LOL

I'm keepin' my eye out and my birding guide handy... I'm hoping for lots more different kinds of birds this summer! They always bring a smile to my face. You can't beat nature!


  1. Hi Wendy,
    My MIL lives in town and she has such a wonderful show of birds near her window everyday. She can tell you just about what every one of them are and has her bird guide on her side table-though doesn't need it most of the time. She lives in an elderly complex and at 85 still going strong-bird watching is and has always been a favorite pass time for her. She spends quite a bit each week or so to fill the feeders so everyone else living there gts to enjoy the show as well. Got the rest of us into it to! We live ten miles from town in farming country and have had a "resident" rabbit living in our woodpile for over a year! Recently I spotted two tiny ones near the shed, and I know they all will get into my garden if I ever get to plant it this year!!!
    No, you can't be mad at the bunnies or the birds even if they wake me before the alarm goes off at 5:00 am!
    Thanks for sharing the picture and the story.

  2. Oh cool Wendy:) I'm a birdwatcher too and we have all those birdies and then some come to visit us. We have a couple of Bluebird families in our birdhouses each year. They are wonderful little creatures gifted to us from God. I'll bet too that your garden makes all the difference. Happy birdwatching!

  3. @Sheila, that is so sweet. It's so nice to spread joy isn't it? We have Robin's here that chirp sometimes at 4:00 am! LOL

    Carol, I can't believe you have BLUEBIRDS. WOW! They are gorgeous!!! Enjoy! I put up a box for them, but none yet! I'm patient though. I've been birdwatching for probably 15 yrs. :)

    Thanks for sharing your stories!


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