Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Olde Black and Whites and Other Precious Photos

Good Morning friends! I was looking through some old photos and thought I'd share some of my favorite ones. Time goes so fast. I look at myself in these photos and can't believe where the time went. This one here is me on my first birthday. :-) I was a little fat, no a lot fat and probably very mischievous! LOL It was almost 43 years ago.

This one above is me and Dad, Christmas of 1967. You can tell it's the sixties with the dolls that are there. LOL ... We had an olde fashioned Christmas tree with tinsel that sat on a platform.. around the platform was the faux brick paper covering. Remember that? Oh, don't forget the cardboard fireplace that you'd place an orange bulb into. LOL

Ah, yes, this is me in my crib... probably 6 months old.
<-----My cheeks look like they could burst! :)

And then, in 1970, my brother Billy came along.
He was my "real life" baby doll.
I would pull him around in a little red wagon.
A "real life" baby doll when you are 3 yrs. old is
awesome! This "doll" would cry, eat, need to be changed!
You don't get better than that! :-)

Here I am, pulling him around! My mom would say, "Be careful, he's heavy!" and I'd say to mom, "He ain't heavy, he's my brother!" :-)
To this day, that is my song to him! He STILL ain't heavy! Cause he's my brother. Nothing I wouldn't do for that guy..

And here were are with Granny... boy did I love my Gran. She was the BEST! Everything a Granny should be!

I think this is Christmas 1971. Granny used to live right down the street from us so she'd spend a lot of time at our house... trying to babysit whenever she could!

I could go on and on... I have so many beautiful photos I treasure. It's wonderful to look back on them and remember things from the past that still stick in your mind and soul today.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed sharing them.

Have a wonderful day! ~Blessings, W


  1. These pictures are awesome, wonderful memories!!

  2. Thanks so much! Yes, they are treasures. Isn't it awesome that cameras exist, so we can look back and remember special moments?

  3. I love looking at old pictures. Thanks for sharing some of your memories~they are precious. Seeing your pics brings back memories of my own(I was born in 67 & have a sister who is 3 years younger than me).I am blessed to have both my grammies with me yet although I don't see them as much as I would like to. Have a wonderful day!!


  4. Thank you for sharing your photos with us..you were a cutie patootie...and yeah I remember that carboard brick fireplace..;oh those were the days..would love to go back to them.:)

  5. Beckyjean, if at all possible, spend time with them if you are close to them. When they are gone there's a void. :(

    Gina, thanks! I would love to go back to those days myself. Life was so much simpler, wasn't it? I often long for those comforting, familiar times of childhood.

  6. I'm a new follower and I just want to say I am really enjoying your blog! These are great pictures. I remember all the tinsel my parents put on our tree and I have a big brother called Billy...popular name for back then!! LOL

  7. I loved seeing your old pictures. My grandma had one of those fire places with the orange bulb! We must be close in age. I was born in 1969.


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