Monday, June 14, 2010

Tattoos...One of My Guilty Pleasures!

Good Monday Morning!

A little update before I get to work...

I spent the day yesterday doing one of the things I really enjoy... getting a new tattoo. :-)

Everyone used to say "you can't get just one" and they were so right. I have 5 now and am already thinking of getting my next one.

This tattoo is special to me. I've been wanting one to represent my favorite artist, "Neil Diamond".

So......I went ahead and had it done on the back of my neck! :)

Most of my tattoos are hidden with clothing so this one will be in a spot that everyone can see.

My next, and probably the last (although not certain about that yet!) will be for my son... I can't leave him out. I'd like one with his name, some kind of heart and scrollwork and birthdate.

I may be satisfied at that point although thoughts of a "Daddy's little girl" tattoo do come to mind now and then. :)

Well, off to work. I have lots of ideas and so little time to create.

Blessings friends, have a happy, simple day!


  1. Great tatoo Wendy!
    Neil is one of my favs too. Have wonderful day!

  2. I have always wanted a tatoo but am a big chicken!!


  3. Great tat Wendy! I went and had on done on Friday....on my back with my kid's names and my grandson's name. It's in the shape of a horseshoe. I love it!!


  4. I have one on my back up close to my neck..not seen unless the shirt hangs a bit lower in the back..its a cats eyes, nose and mouth..love it..would love to get more..but they hurt to stinking much..my sister!! loves!!! neil diamond too...I grew up listening to him...have a good one.:)

  5. Wasn't sure how this post would go, tats + prims = doesn't really "go".. LOL

    Girls, I shoulda been married to Neil. LOL!!
    Gina and Brenda, sounds cool! I'm a huge cat lover Gina!


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